Refinance Your Florida Home With a VA Mortgage

Step 1: What Type of VA Loan Refinance is Needed?

There are three types of VA Mortgage refinancing: 1) VA Streamline Refinance 2) Conventional to VA Loan Refinance and 3) VA Cash Out Refinance.  If you currently have a VA Loan the best option is probably a VA streamline refinance. Otherwise a conventional to a VA Mortgage may be the right choice.  If you want to access the equity in your home for other purposes, the VA Cash Out mortgage is a good option.  More information on each of these can be found on the VA Loan Refinance page.


Step 2:  Pre-Qualify for a VA Mortgage Refinance

Call us at 561-810-1711 or fill out the short form on this page and we’ll take you through pre-qualification for a VA refinance.  We’ll help you figure out how much you can save each month and answer any questions.  If everything looks good then we’ll move on to the formal loan application.



Step 3: VA Mortgage Application

When we’ve determined that refinancing your home makes sense for you, and you are pre-qualified to do so we will prepare your VA Mortgage Loan application.  You can actually get started on this right away with our secure online mortgage application.  Along with your application, there will be several required disclosure documents, and a list of personal documents that will be needed for your VA Loan refinance approval.


Step 4: VA Loan Refinance Closing

Once your VA Loan application and associated documents are received, your loan is processed and underwritten.  When your VA Mortgage is approved the loan documents will be sent to a title agency and we’ll arrange for you to come in and sign them.  If necessary we can arrange for a notary to come to your home or office.  Once the documents are signed, your previous loan is paid off, and your new VA Loan with lower mortgage payments replaces it.


To get started on your VA Home Loan, call us at 561-810-1711 or fill out the short form on this page. 

A  specialist from our team will contact and assist you with your VA Mortgage pre-qualification. 

Florida VA Loan Specialist: Shirley Mueller

VA Loan Specialist Shirley Mueller

Working as a loan originator since 2003, Shirley has helped over 2000 Veterans with VA Home Loans. She has helped Veterans in almost every situation, including deployed personnel returning home or those with PCS orders. Shirley also helps disabled Veterans who...


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