VA Renovation Loans

If you are purchasing an existing home and find that it needs some improvements or improvements are needed to pass a VA appraisal, we can allow for a VA purchase loan with improvements combined with the initial closing. This allows you to do the entire loan at once and there would be no need for you to take out a second loan after you purchase.

VA Renovation Requirements:

  • Purchase Only or Cash-Out Refinance
  • Minimum Credit Score: 580
  • Bid amount cannot exceed $50,000 or up to 10% of the loan amount
  • The loan amount can be up to 100% of the appraised value (appraisal is based on proposed improvements made)
  • owner-occupied
  • 1-4 Unit, existing property
  • Minor Remodeling and NON-STRUCTRUAL Repairs
  • “Do it Yourself” is not allowed
  • Contractor must be licensed per local jurisdiction, carry $1M liability insurance and is VA Registered (We can help your contractor with this)
  • Loan term is 15 or 30 year
  • There is a 90 day maximum renovation period
  • Up to 3 draws are allowed


Contractor Required Documents Checklist

  • Notice to Contractor (provided by us for completion)
  • Contractor Profile (provided by us for completion)
  • W-9
  • General Contractor Attestation (provided by us for completion)
  • Homeowner-Contractor Agreement (provided by us for completion)
  • Permit Certification (provided by us for completion)
  • Draw Schedule (provided by us for completion)
  • Worker’s Comp Disclosure (provided by us for completion)


Signed Proposal/Bid for work to be done

  • Borrower Name & Subject property address must be listed on the Bid
  • Please note on Bid if there are any Permits required for the work being done and Include the price of the permit on the bid
  • The total price should be all inclusive of taxes (if applicable)
  • Detailed description of work as specific as possible on each item of work
  • Contractor and Borrower to sign and date


Contractor Supporting Docs

  • Current Unexpired Contractor License(s)
  • VA Builder ID Number (let us know if you need this)
  • Current unexpired Contractor Liability Insurance Policy
  • Submit all Plans, Specs, and Drawings (if applicable)

Florida VA Loan Specialist: Shirley Mueller

VA Loan Specialist Shirley Mueller

Working as a loan originator since 2003, Shirley has helped over 2000 Veterans with VA Home Loans. She has helped Veterans in almost every situation, including deployed personnel returning home or those with PCS orders. Shirley also helps disabled Veterans who...


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