Florida VA Home Loan Limits

The VA Home Loan limit for most of Florida is the same as the conventional loan limit of $726,200. If you need a loan greater than $726,200, consider utilizing a Jumbo VA Loan.  There is no down payment required for a VA home loan over $726,200 now unless you currently have a VA Loan and are using partial entitlement.

In rare cases, a Veteran borrower may have reduced VA Loan entitlement from prior use of their VA Loan benefit.  When this happens, the maximum loan amount the borrower may be able to obtain could be affected.  If you possibly fall into this scenario, please fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you to review your situation and help determine the VA guaranteed loan amount you are eligible for.

Please remember, just because a there is a maximum loan amount, this does not immediately mean you qualify for that loan amount.  In order to know the maximum price of a home you can buy using your VA benefits, you will need to go through the pre-qualification process.  Pre-qualification includes a review of your income and debts to determine the maximum mortgage payment amount you will qualify for.  We can also use income and debts from your spouse if applicable or necessary.  Once we have reviewed this information, we can determine the maximum loan amount you qualify for, and subsequently your purchase price range for a home.

To get started on your VA Home Loan, call us at 561-810-1711 or fill out the short form on this page.  A  specialist from our team will contact and assist you with your VA Mortgage pre-qualification.

Florida VA Loan Specialist: Shirley Mueller

VA Loan Specialist Shirley Mueller

Working as a loan originator since 2003, Shirley has helped over 2000 Veterans with VA Home Loans. She has helped Veterans in almost every situation, including deployed personnel returning home or those with PCS orders. Shirley also helps disabled Veterans who...


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