Understanding Florida Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemptions: Benefits and Eligibility

Are you a Florida veteran wondering how you’ll pay property taxes in your current situation? You may be surprised to learn that Florida offers numerous benefits for veterans, including possible tax exemptions on your homestead. 

Read on to learn more about Florida disabled veteran property tax benefits.

Property Tax Exemption Benefits in Florida

There are several types of property tax exemption benefits for disabled veterans in Florida who were honorably discharged from the service. Here are the most common exemptions:

War Time Veteran Disabled Property Tax Discount Percentage

Do you have a disability or injury related to your time in service? Veterans with combat-related disabilities rated above a certain percentage from the VA could be eligible for this property tax exemption in Florida. Depending on this percentage, you’ll receive a corresponding discount.

Veteran with Service-Connected Total and Permanent Disability or Confined to a Wheelchair Property Tax Exemption

If you’re a veteran with a service-connected total and permanent disability, you could be eligible for a property tax exemption on your home. For example, any veteran confined to a wheelchair or declared legally blind from a service-related injury or condition may be eligible for a total exemption under this statute.

However, a qualifying veteran must understand that this only applies to the property where they reside full-time. That means it won’t apply to any investment property or vacation home. 

Disabled Veteran Aged 65 and Older Property Tax Discount

Senior veterans with disabilities related to their service could be eligible for property tax discounts on the assessed value of their homesteads. Florida calculates the discount on the percentage assigned to you by the VA based on either permanent or partial disability.

Can Surviving Spouses Receive These Exemptions?

With all three tiers of benefits above, surviving spouses could be eligible for a discount of homestead exemption on property taxes. However, the state will limit this to surviving spouses who have not remarried and may impose other similar conditions.

Upon selling, a surviving spouse receives an exemption on the new home up to the amount they received on the previous property.

How To Apply For Property Tax Exemption Benefits in Florida

Are you a qualifying veteran? Filing for the first time is simple. To receive a Florida disabled veteran property tax exemption, use the Florida Department of Revenue’s Original Application for Homestead and Related Tax Exemptions. You must meet the following eligibility requirements to apply:

  • Resident of Florida
  • Service-related disability of 10% or greater as declared by the VA
  • Medical documentation confirming the disability
  • Reside in the home for which you are applying for exemption (no investment properties)
  • Legal title to the property on January 1 of the year for which you want the exemption
  • Your next of kin or a duly authorized representative can complete the application for you.

Eligibility Requirements

Are you interested in Florida disabled veteran property tax exemption benefits? With a little help, all eligible veterans can navigate the application process for tax-related exemptions.

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