Understanding Florida Property Tax Exemptions for Disabled Veterans

Key Takeaways:

  • Qualifying disabled service members in Florida can receive a property tax exemption.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs allows a carry-over to a surviving spouse.
  • Disabled veterans must show proof of their disability to the county property appraiser. 

The rules regarding Florida property tax for disabled veterans differ slightly from those governing standard homeowners. The Department of Veterans Affairs outlines various benefits available for qualifying servicemen and women plus their spouses. 

Read on to discover the main components of these exemption programs and how you might be able to take advantage of them. 

What Is the Homestead Exemption?

According to the Florida VA, eligible veterans will receive property tax exemptions in varying degrees. They call this concept a homestead exemption, meaning that the veteran must reside in the house rather than own it as an investment property. 

A veteran can receive either a total exemption each year or an exemption of up to a certain threshold, depending on their physical capabilities. We’ve included the requirements for applicants and spouses below.

Florida Applicants Must Meet Various Requirements 

Could you be exempt from paying Florida property tax? Disabled veterans must have sustained a service-connected disability to qualify. They must also show proof that they were honorably discharged from their branch of the military. 

A veteran’s disability rating (percentage) grants certain exemption amounts on their homestead tax. Those with permanent service-related disabilities, including paraplegics and quadriplegics, will likely be eligible for a complete exemption.

Are you a veteran of 65 and older? You may be able to receive discounts on the assessed value of the home in line with your disability rating. For example, if the VA determines you have a partial disability, you could receive a discount of that same percentage on your home’s tax-assessed value. 

Spousal Benefits May Be Available

A surviving spouse of a deceased veteran can also benefit from the rules regarding Florida property tax for disabled veterans. However, they must prove their marriage to the deceased on the day of their death. Also, spousal benefits only apply if they remain unmarried after their partner’s death. 

How To Apply For Florida Property Tax Exemptions

Are you an eligible veteran or surviving spouse of a disabled veteran in Florida? Apply via your county’s property appraiser. You’ll show proof of military service and the connected disability, which the VA can confirm and rate. 

In the event that the property appraiser denies the application, you can also file a petition with the local value adjustment board to request benefits. 

Our brave veterans may receive tax exemptions for risking their lives for this country. The programs working with the state’s Department of Veterans Affairs adjust the annual Florida property tax for disabled veterans. It allows them and qualifying spouses tax-free benefits in line with their disability rating so that they can move forward after all they’ve sacrificed.

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